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Costs: True or false? Is it less expensive to hire privately than through an agency? Most of you will say “privately” of course. Well, the old saying about “penny wise and pound foolish” applies very well here. Did you know that when the caregiver is your own employee, you are responsible, by law, to pay various payroll taxes (including unemployment compensation, Medicare, and social security)? You might want to look for an agency that pays these taxes and others so that you do not have the expenses or headache of doing their payroll, buying private insurance, and filing tax forms. Usually, you pay a flat per hour fee to such agency and they take care of not only the payroll, but also the tax-related issues and forms. There’s much more to costs than the out-of-pocket fees. Insurance, or lack of it, can cost one plenty… We’ll talk about insurance issues later.

There are also costs associated with proper screening and hiring costs (such as ads). And if you’re weighing in-home care vs. a facility: did you know that it is usually less costly to hire in-home help, even full-time, than to pay for a facility?

Do I hire a Home Care Agency or a Private Caregiver? What is the difference?

October 11th, 2016|

I know that I need to get some help at home but how and who? The first thing to understand are the differences between hiring an individual or a private caregiver versus and agency and determining the role that I want to take in my loved one’s care? A Home Care Agency is a business that is hired [...]

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