Have you ever stopped to think about the time your parents spend alone? It’s likely that they’re home for days or even weeks without anyone stopping by. Here are four experiences families faced that highlight the importance of why you should check on your parents at least once a day when they age at home.

Missing Man Found in His Home

In October, a family reported their father was missing from his Indiana home. Investigators finally found his body behind clutter in his home in early December. They say he appears to have fallen behind items he was hoarding and became stuck.

Man Found Five Days After a Fire

Five days after a fire tore through an apartment building, workers went into check damage and found an elderly man sitting in his chair. Surprisingly, the man only had minor injuries. Somehow, the man’s family and friends didn’t report him missing and no one noticed him on a sweep of the building during and after the fire.

New York Man Went Without Heat for Years

A startling news story hit New York papers in early 2018. An elderly man was found dead of hypothermia in his brownstone. His gas/heat had been shut off since 2014. The gas company had no way to report it to an agency. The reclusive older man did not have friends or family checking in on him regularly.

Missouri Woman Found on Roof

An elderly woman walked up to her apartment building’s roof where she died from exposure. The woman had a problem with sleepwalking. No one was around when she became confused after taking too many pills and ended up on the roof. There the cold overnight temperatures and wind chills lead to hypothermia.

New England Resident Falls in Bathroom

An elderly woman in New England fell while getting out of her shower. Her family happened to check on her every few days. When they stopped by, they found her unconscious with a head injury and a broken arm. She was taken to the hospital, but she didn’t recover from her injuries.

If you live too far away to check on your mom and dad every day, caregivers are an option. Caregivers can stop by and make sure your parents have taken their medication, are eating meals, and have help with household chores. Call a home care agency to discuss how much caregivers cost.

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