What is Live-In Care?

Live-in care enables you or your loved one to continue living at home and pursue the chosen lifestyle, supported by a qualified, live-in caregiver, who remains in the home 24 hours a day. Live-in care is designed for those individuals that need someone to be in the home with them.

Dedicated live-in caregivers allow your loved one to remain living in a place with happy memories and familiar surroundings. Live-in support is tailored around the needs of each individual – ensuring a carefully selected caregiver who will have experience as well as being a good match for skills and where possible interests and hobbies.

The highly experienced and specialized live-In caregivers help your loved one with day-to-day tasks including but not limited to:

  • Personal care and grooming, such as help in washing and dressing each day
  • Required assistance in medication and doctor’s appointments
  • Cooking meals
  • Transportation
  • Companionship

Most importantly, the live-in care support you receive is tailored and designed to your way of life. We provide a caregiver who is committed to supporting safety and independence with dignity and respect.

Benefits of live-in care:

  • One on One care
  • Safety
  • Familiar and comfortable surroundings
  • Privacy
  • Personalized care such as meal times and control over daily life
  • Keeping local social life

What are the Similarities and Differences Between Live-In Care and 24/7 Care?

  • Both 24/7 care and live-in care provide a caregiver round-the-clock in the comfort of the client’s home
  • The client that has live-in care may need someone in the home at all times but may not need constant care, whereas a 24/7 caregivers are constantly awake and alert
  • The team of caregivers on a live-in case is generally 2-3, less than the 5-7 that are required for 24/7 case
  • Live-in caregivers do not “move-in”, they maintain a separate residence and only stay at the client’s home for the length of their assigned shift
  • Live-in care provides the same one-on-one care in the comfort of the client’s home and is oftentimes more affordable than 24/7 care

Live-In Care is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Facility Living

Live-in care is a cost-effective alternative to living in a residential care home. Many people would prefer to stay in their homes when they get older instead of moving to an assisted living center.

The reason being -the comfort of home and the ability to maintain independence and control. With live-in care you have more input on how you want to live your life and continue with activities you lovewith the benefits of one-on-one care. Not to mention that you can stay in your own comfortable surroundings and perhaps continue living with pets.