Many people have wondered if Home Care for their elderly loved ones is a safe option for care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Home Care provides one-on-one private care to older adults in the comfort of their homes. This personal care can take place wherever it is they like to call home; a house, apartment, condo, or independent living community.


Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: COVID-19 - Coronavirus

Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: COVID-19 – Coronavirus


Below are 5 reasons to choose Home Care for Your Loved One’s Care Needs during the Pandemic and Beyond


Home Care Limits COVID-19 Exposure Risk

Seniors that receive In-Home care from Alliance Senior Care are exposed to a minimal number of caregivers. On the contrary, seniors that reside in communities are exposed to multiple caregivers every day to receive even the most basic level of care.

Our caregivers must pass a rigorous pre-visit check-in process to ensure that they do not have or exhibit any symptoms. To further ensure the safety of our clients, our staff is equipped with medical-grade PPE personal protective equipment. For a full list of our COVID-19 protocols visit here:

Home Care Limits Public COVID-19 Exposure

In addition to the services our staff provide in the home, our caregivers are available to run errands and provide transportation. We will do the grocery shopping, pick up prescriptions, meals and other items for our clients – eliminating the need for our clients to leave their home and possibly expose themselves to COVID-19 while running basic errands.

Lowers the Risk of Isolation and Depression

It is well proven that isolated individuals tend to experience higher rates of depression. Our older adults are already at a higher risk for isolation and depression, but removing them from activities, visitors and families increases that risk even further. At Alliance Senior Care, we not only take care of their personal care needs, like bathing, dressing, and toileting but also their social and emotional needs. That means engaging them in conversation and memory sharing and providing them with a much-needed companion during these challenging times.

Home Care Can Bring the Outside World to Them

Many seniors were active outside the home prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, regularly attending exercise classes, physical therapy visits, senior centers, church services and so forth. Much of that is still closed or too risky for them to attend altogether. Home Care can help them bring those activities to their home. Many of our clients have transitioned to participating in exercise classes and therapy in-home. To do this safely, the caregiver will provide the necessary supervision and support and more importantly the moral support to continue these activities safely.

Home Care Provides the Essential Care Older Adults Must Have

The care that we provide is necessary to the well-being and health of our Older Adults. Even during a pandemic, seniors still need bathing, dressing, toileting assistance, medication reminders, and their meals prepared. At Alliance Senior Care we care for not only their basic needs but also look to improve their overall quality of life by caring for their social, emotional, and cognitive needs through our Integrated Wellness Program.

To learn more about how Home Care can help improve your loved ones’ quality of life, call Alliance Senior Care at 248-274-2170. It’s not just Home Care, it is Integrated Care.


If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Care in Bloomfield Hills, MI, please contact the caring staff at Alliance Senior Care today. Call (248) 274-2170.