The MIND diet to reduce dementia and the decline in cognitive function that often occurs as we age. It combines aspects of two very popular diets, the Mediterranean diet and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet.


Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Senior Diet

Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Senior Diet


Here are the key components of the MIND diet

Recommended Daily Nutritional Intake

● Olive Oil
● Green Leafy Vegetables
● Other Vegetables
● Whole Grains
● Nuts and Bean (every other day)
● Small amounts of dark chocolate (the darker the better)

Recommended Weekly Nutritional Intake

● Berries – 2 times per week
● Poultry – 2 times per week
● Fish – 1 time per week

MIND Diet Eliminates the following:

● Red Meats
● Fried Foods
● Fast Foods and processed foods
● Butter and Margarine
● Pastries and Sweet
● White bread, flour, and rice
● Sugar and diet soda


How can food help my memory?

Food and nutrition is the fuel for our body, the better the fuel the better it runs. Many studies have shown that maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure, and eliminating diabetes have a significant impact on our cognitive function and memory loss. The MIND diet essentially addresses all of those medical conditions as well as cognitive function!

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