There are many elderly people who have pets and those who don’t. Yet, it is truly amazing how much pets can benefit the elderly. If you’re taking care of someone who is aging, their need for companionship can become very evident. They also need someone who can be there for them unconditionally and help with their health conditions. A pet just might be what they need.

Elder Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Benefits Of Having A Pet

Elder Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Benefits Of Having A Pet

Here’s how great a pet can be for your loved one.

-Reduced Blood Pressure
When comparing blood pressure levels to those who don’t have any pets, the senior citizens that do have pets have lower blood pressure levels. Sometimes just being around a dog or other pet can relax someone enough that it lowers their blood pressure. If your loved one is living with high blood pressure levels, a pet can help lower their levels.

-Reducing Loneliness
In fact, those who have lost a spouse or other loved one are much less likely to feel lonely if they have or get a pet. Many seniors spend a lot of time on their own, even if they have caregivers, and they need someone to be there for them. If you want your loved one to feel less lonely, talk to them about getting a pet.

-Staying Present
Pets can also help your elderly loved one to stay in the present. They won’t need to think so much about the past or the future when they focus on their pets. They will be spending so much time with their pet – taking care of it, feeding it, and petting it – that they will be more focused on the present times. This is a great health benefit to many senior citizens.

-Get Moving
Pets get the elderly moving. Many senior citizens sit around without moving much. However, if they get a dog, for instance, they will be moving around more. They will be taking their dog on walks and playing fetch with them. This movement can help your elderly loved one with both their physical and their mental health.


These are some of the many benefits of pets for the elderly. If you are caring for a senior loved one, whether they have caregivers or not, getting them a pet could help them tremendously.


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