What are the keys to healthy living? As you age, three areas of healthy living cannot be ignored. Make sure your parents are not putting their health at risk by ignoring these healthy living principles.


Home Care in Livonia MI: Keys To Healthy Living

Home Care in Livonia MI: Keys To Healthy Living



Daily exercise is important. The recommendation is to get at least 30 minutes each day of moderate activity if that’s possible. The important term here is “moderate.” A slow walk around the neighborhood won’t get the heart rate up.

Ideally, your mom and dad should mix up their weekly exercise routines. Walking is good. Strength training, Yoga, Tai Chi, and working out on equipment like an elliptical machine should be mixed up from one day to the next.

Obviously, exercise is going to be based on your parents’ fitness levels. If there are underlying health conditions that make it hard to get a lot of exercise, stick to activities their doctor recommends. It may be helpful to have caregivers there while they exercise just in case there’s a fall or something happens.



Diet is important, and it changes as you age. Caloric intake dips a little. Your parents’ appetites may decrease as they age. As this happens, you should make sure they have help preparing nutritious meals. Caregivers are helpful if you’re not able to cook for them.

Your parents need to eat foods that are high in fiber and calcium. They need plenty of antioxidants to help with cell health and to boost the immune system. Lean protein is also important.



Socialization is important for physical and mental health. Studies find that lonely people have a slightly increased risk of health issues like depression and even the flu. Social people often have a better immune response and fight colds, flus, and other viruses more effectively.

As you get older, it may be harder to remain social. Make sure your parents have ways to socialize. If their friends have moved to other states or countries after retirement, teach them how to use a video chat service like Zoom or Google Hangouts so that they can still keep in touch.


Your mom and dad should volunteer as much as is possible. They should also look into activities held at local libraries and senior centers.

How well do your mom and dad do with those three habits? If they’re falling short, consider hiring caregivers to help out. With someone to cheer them on and help them stick to a diet, exercise, and socialization plan, your parents will thrive as they age at home. Call a senior care aide to get started arranging caregivers’ visits.


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