Each year, nearly 800,000 people throughout the United States suffer a stroke.

If you are a family senior caregiver for one of these people, you cannot wait to react. Appropriate response immediately after your senior suffers a stroke is just the beginning. It is also important to be prepared for what is going to come next, and how you will move forward with your aging senior parent.


Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Senior Stroke Care

Home Care in Bloomfield Hills MI: Senior Stroke Care


Some things to know about what comes after your senior parent suffers a stroke include:

The risk for another stroke in your senior parent is higher now.

Once an elderly parent suffers a stroke, their risk of having another, increases dramatically. This means it’s extremely important for you to take proper steps to lower your senior parent’s risk of having a stroke and help them to lead a healthier life moving forward.


Recovery is a personal experience for your senior parent.

While your senior’s doctor might be able to give you a general timeline of expected recovery, you should not hold strictly to this. Each senior citizen who suffers a stroke recovers at their own pace. This means they might improve more quickly than anticipated but might also recover more gradually. They might also experience setbacks after improvements. Stay in close contact with their doctor to ensure your senior parent is recovering well, and to find out if there is anything else you can do to improve their recovery.


Fall risk for your senior parent is higher now.

Fall risk is a serious issue for elderly senior adults, but those who have recently suffered a stroke are more vulnerable to this issue. Falls can result in extremely serious injuries, including hip fractures that drastically increases the risk of death in the next calendar year. Having the physical support and assistance of an in-home senior care provider with your parent can reduce the chances that your parent will suffer a fall during this recovery period.


Depression is a risk during recovery for your senior parent.

As your senior parent deals with the issues of recovering from a stroke, they are at risk of suffering depression. Having a stroke can make your senior parent feel as though they are no longer able to have the life they want, or are weak, or can force them to face their mortality. It is important for you to support them through this difficult experience, and help them get through this depression to reduce the risk of further negative consequences.

If your aging loved one has recently suffered a stroke, or if they have specific risk factors that increase the risk that they will suffer a stroke, now may be the ideal time for you to consider in-home senior care for them. Recovering from a stroke can be extremely challenging, and the services of a senior home care solutions provider along with the care and support you give to your senior parent can help to make this process smoother, less stressful, and more beneficial.

An in-home senior care provider can assist your senior parent through their recovery in many ways, improving their health and easing your stress. This care provider can give your loved one companionship and emotional support that can help them to handle the difficult effects of a stroke, enabling them to feel more motivated and ready to move forward. They can also provide assistance with tasks throughout the home that allows your senior parent to get the rest they need to relax, rest, and heal, and support to make good lifestyle choices, stay compliant with medications and guidelines and improve their health as they move past their stroke.


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