Depression is all too common in older adults. The Pandemic has heightened this situation causing higher levels of feelings of depression, isolation, and suicide than in prior years. It is estimated that over 6 Million adults over 65 suffer from clinical depression, but only 10% receive treatment.

Depression and feelings of loneliness can increase during the holiday season. This is a time of family, friends, and memories of their younger days. They often remember a time when their home was filled with family, friends and now it is empty. These memories can also serve as a reminder of all of the loved ones and friends that have moved away or passed away.

Here are several ways to brighten the Holiday Season for Seniors, even though we may not be with them this year:

  • Display holiday cards and greetings
  • Set up decorations
  • Plan holiday event outings. Drive through a display of Christmas lights.
  • Play Christmas Music.
  • Encourage them to donate presents or time. This provides a sense of purpose and usefulness.
  • Reach out to them and talk to them.
  • Setup a family video call on Zoom or other means. Designate one person to be with your loved-one to help them access the call. Share memories of Holidays Past
  • Drop off a present or special items at their door.
  • Have a window visit and bring the kids and grandkids.

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