When you’re a family caregiver, finding time to enjoy the company of your parent is important. If dementia is present, games are one of the best ways to connect. Choosing the right game is essential as rules must be simple as cognitive skills decline.

Homecare in West Bloomfield MI: Games for Someone With Dementia

You’re looking for games to play with your mom. Alzheimer’s is impacting skills like drawing or writing, so you can’t play the games she used to love. What are some of the best games for someone with dementia?

Acorn Soup

This game is designed for toddlers, but it’s ideal for adults with dementia. A “pot” contains ingredients like blueberries, flowers, clovers, pine cones, and more.

Players take a recipe card and use the wooden spoon to scoop up one of the ingredients on their card. It’s a game that helps with manual dexterity and visual recognition.

Candy Land

Candy Land is a good game for a parent with dementia as there is no counting. Instead, you choose a card and advance to the color appearing on the card. Some cards take you to one of the sweet destinations, which can help a player get ahead in a hurry.

Monkey Bingo

Monkey Bingo is a simple form of Bingo that uses pictures of animals instead of numbers and letters. It’s easier for people with dementia to quickly identify the items on their cards as they see the image and don’t have to try to read and comprehend letters or numbers.


Qwrikle is a matching game that is played similar to Dominoes. Instead of matching dots, you’re able to match shapes or colors. This makes it easier for someone with dementia to form matches in the rows or columns.


Look for a Thumball online. This small soccer ball is lightweight and soft. A short phrase is printed on each of the soccer ball’s hexagons. If you can’t find one online, you can make your own with a soft soccer ball and a permanent marker.

That phrase is designed to trigger a conversation. Phrases include things like “Foods I Like” or “Favorite Animal.” There’s no winner or loser in this game. It’s meant to get your mom talking.

Are you taking breaks now and then? Caregivers from an elder care agency can help you. While caregivers spend time with your mom, you need to take advantage of it and Skype with your friends, have dinner with your partner or take your children to a park for a nature walk.

The break is beneficial for you, and it also gives your mom a break from having you with her constantly. Call an elder care agency to make the arrangements.

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