Your dad had a stroke and it’s affected his mobility.

You’re going over his home and planning updates that meet his changing needs. What changes should you make in the bedroom? What bedroom furniture is best for an older adult with mobility issues?


An Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed will help him go from laying down to sitting up. Once he’s in a seated position, it will help him stand up or move to a wheelchair or walker. An adjustable bed also helps eliminate the risk of bedsores by helping the body move around and improve circulation.

Look for an adjustable bed that has safety rails he can hold while he gets into bed or moves from his bed to another mobility device. It also helps you as a family caregiver avoid having to bend over and lift your dad to a sitting position.


Over-the-Bed Tables

When your dad is sleeping, he does not need a table. But when he’s awake and wants to read or have a snack in bed, an over-the-bed table can hold his e-reader, snack, beverage, or reading material.

Between uses, the table slides away and can be stored out of his way. Some have folding tables so they require very little space when they’re not being used.


Commode Chair

In the middle of the night, getting to the bathroom in time can be a hassle. Consider adding a commode chair next to your dad’s bed. If he can’t make it to the bathroom, he’ll be able to access a toilet and avoid the embarrassment of having an accident in his bed.


Dressers and Clothing Storage

Avoid tall armoires as they’ll be hard for your dad to reach if he needs a wheelchair. Open storage is best. Drawers may require him to position the wheelchair far enough away to pull open the drawer, which can pose a problem.

Consider a sturdy cube storage unit and fold and stack shirts and pants. Smaller items like underwear and socks can go into removable baskets that he can pull onto his lap. If he keeps clothing in his closet, make sure the hanging bars are low enough for him to reach.

Who is helping your dad as he adjusts back at home? If he needs help cooking meals, doing his housework, and during personal care and grooming routines, hire home care aides. Caregivers will encourage him to do as much on his own as he can and help out only when needed so that he maintains a level of independence.


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