Fall Prevention Tips  for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Fall prevention is not the most exciting topic to address but as we get older physical changes, medications and health conditions that we face can make falls more likely. Falls are a leading cause of health issues among older adults. Falls can be prevented. Here are 5 tips to prevent falls for your elderly loved one.

1. Keep up with Physician Appointments

Your Physicians can help you manage your health, medications and any treatments you may need to minimize your risk of falling. Some medications can increase the risk of falling. Speak with your physician about any medications you may be taking.

Some hearing and vision issues can also cause dizziness and loss of balance. Speak with your Physician about any hearing or vision issues and get treatment for these to minimize the risk of falling.

2. Wear comfortable and sensible shoes.

This may not be a surprise to many but wearing sensible and comfortable shoes can help you keep you balance and allow your elderly loved ones to be able to keep an active lifestyle.

Some flats, sandals and certainly heels can cause you to lose balance so finding the right shoes can help you keep your balance and stay active.

3. Make Exercise and Movement a part of your life.

Staying active can go a long way to good health and fall prevention. Moderate activity and exercise can improve strength, reduce the risk of falling, keep your balance and improve the overall health of your elderly loved ones.

Keeping walking and exercise a part of your life can decrease the risk of falling. Consult your Physician for the best exercise for you.

4. Keep You Home Well Lighted

  • Make sure the lighting in your home is adequate for optimal visibility. Falls are more likely at home with poor lighting.
  • Add nightlights to areas especially in walkways for better visibility at night.
  • Lamps and supplemental lighting around seating and in the bedroom can make more comfortable visible spaces.
  • Add easy to reach and use-able light switches for easy access to lighting
  • Change and update light bulbs to brighter or LED bulbs for a bright white light.

5. Remove any hazards at Home

  • Keep walkways clear of objects, cords, and rugs.
  • Secure rugs or remove them from your home.
  • Make sure most used items in the home (Food, dishes, clothing are easily accessible.
  • Use guardrails in the bathroom with non-stick mats for easier balance in the bathroom.
  • Clean up all spills quickly.

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