6 Tips to Have a Great 4th of July with Your Senior Loved One

You’re never too old to enjoy Independence Day. For many, the 4th of July sparks fond memories of childhood barbecues, early parenthood, and joyful celebrations with beloved friends. For seniors who have mobility or cognitive issues or who have transitioned to independent living, a change in how they celebrate the 4th of July can feel demoralizing.

The 4th of July is an important holiday. Your senior loved one might get tired sooner or need some help getting around, but they can still enjoy and celebrate the 4th. Here are 6 tips to enjoy the 4th of July with your Senior loved one.

Indoor Game Night with the Family

Adapt the holiday to meet their needs and abilities. If Independence Day once meant outdoor games seniors with limited mobility may feel left out. Instead of outdoor games, move the party indoors. Plan a family board game or trivia night. Break out some treats, sweets and music for fun.

Watch Fireworks Indoors

July heat can be too much for many seniors. Seniors, especially those with anxiety, may also be startled by loud noises and overwhelmed by giant crowds. Enjoy the fireworks from indoors. Rent a hotel room with a balcony or big window near a local fireworks display. Then, enjoy the display from the comfort of your room. Word to the wise: Hotels near popular fireworks displays book quickly, so reserve your room well in advance.

For Outdoor Events, Provide a Shady, Comfortable Spot

Your senior loved ones may not always be able to be on their feet for  a long time, so make sure you have comfortable seating available for them to sit and relax.

Many seniors have skin that requires protection from the sun, look for a spot under a tree, or pop up a shade umbrella to keep them comfortable and safe. In case the festivities get to be too much, try to find a quiet spot indoors where your loved one can escape for a little while if they need a break.

Make an Outing with fireworks Outside at a Park or Lake

If you want a truly spectacular family outing, consider planning a trip to a park, lake or even ocean to watch a fireworks display. Organized events like these may have facilities which make it easy to bring your senior loved one. In addition, your senior loved one may really enjoy the spectacular fireworks show at an event like this.

Provide Food and Drink and Stay Hydrated

Weather in July is hot, so make sure your loved one is staying well hydrated. If they’re enjoying a beer or alcoholic beverage, make sure its in moderation and they stay hydrated.

Barbecue and other holiday foods are a staple at many 4th of July events, and your loved will likely enjoy the food. Help them with a plate if needed. If they want to lend a hand with cooking or other food prep, let them help out. They can show off their skills and feel more useful.

Be Prepared for Changes of Circumstances

If the weather does not permit outdoor activities, or if your loved one isn’t feeling well, you may not be able to head out for the traditional barbecues, parades and fireworks on the 4th. That doesn’t mean you have to give up your celebration, though. Bring the festivities inside by watching America-themed movies together, taking fun history- and holiday-themed quizzes, and playing some games.

You might have to be prepared for a change of circumstances even if the weather’s fine. Aging citizens sometimes change their minds at the last minute about long-scheduled plans. Go with the flow, and be prepared to do what’s needed to give your loved one a good holiday no matter where you are.

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