6 Important Considerations to Address in Helping the Aging Senior in Your Life

Most older adults don’t need much help from others. In fact, many of them are quite busy assisting their families, others and contributing to their families, communities, and/or workplaces.

Of course, many of us as we age will need some sort of assistance. Many seniors eventually do need some help from others, especially as they live into their 80s, 90s, and beyond.

At the early stages, when aging seniors do start to need help, it tends to be close family members, assuming there is family. In fact, family members are by far the number one source of “long-term care supports and services” for older adults.

In many cases, providing support can be straightforward: helping with transportation, shopping or help with household chores.

In other cases, family members find themselves having to take on quite a lot. This is often due to health issues and any recovery from health issues. Health challenges can affect the older person’s ability to remain independent and manage various aspects of life. in these cases there are numerous options.

Home Health services from Alliance Care are a great option for aging seniors. Our team can work with your family to develop tailored services to maximize the quality of life for your aging senior.

6 Important Considerations for Caring for a Senior Loved One

Helping Seniors with daily activities and managing their environment to minimize hazards.

Older adults often first need help with things like managing transportation, finances, shopping, home maintenance, and meal preparation.

An older person’s need for assistance with daily activities and their environment often determines what kind of care and housing considerations caregivers have to think of.

Safety, Medical and Health Issues

This includes addressing issues such as financial vulnerability (or even exploitation), falls, driving concerns, and more.

Medical concerns can be common later in life. Many seniors develop chronic health conditions requiring ongoing medical care and/or supervision.

Many seniors will also need help when recovering from an illness.

Some more serious illnesses and medical conditions can cause older adults to lose the ability to make their own medical decisions or oversee their own medical care. Family members must often step in and assist or make decisions due to a health emergency or mental decline.

Housing Needs

An older person’s housing situation often affects quality of life, safety concerns, the ability of others to provide assistance, and more.

Your senior loved one may need assistance. Home Care offers multiple solutions for seniors to age in place and assist families with ongoing care responsibilities of senior loved ones.

Planning for and With Aging Seniors

Things to plan ahead for include health, housing, any estate planning, emergencies, and end-of-life care. When families plan ahead can reduce stress, expenses and can prevent and address issues that come up on a timely manner.

Legal and Financial Needs

Identity theft and exploitation of seniors is commonplace and even seniors who are in control of their cognitive abilities are vulnerable.

Some older adults may lose the capacity to manage certain types of financial or legal affairs. Family members must often consider assisting with legal and financial issues.

Family Relationships & Care Needs

The majority of care for older adults is provided my family. Trying to help an older parent often brings on challenges and difficult emotions. Loving family members often inadvertently care for older family members in ways that minimize their health, autonomy and overall well-being.

Family caregivers can also experience relationship challenges with siblings, a caregiving parent, or others who are involved.

Self Care, Aging-in-Place and Home Care

Helping an older parent is rewarding but can easily become a source of chronic stress. Family care givers often end up neglecting their own well-being and health when caring for an aging parent or family member.

Home care can provide services and solutions with multiple options and be tailored to your particular needs.

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