Prevent Senior Depression with Home Care

In-home care through Alliance Senior Care provides your elderly loved ones with companionship, an important element in combating depression.

It is becoming more and more evident that for many senior citizens, what was intended to be their golden years is turning out to be a time of struggling with isolation and depression. Home care service providers and family members of senior citizens witness this emotional decline first-hand.

It isn’t easy to confront deteriorating health, mental health concerns, and diminishing independence. If a senior citizen’s living circumstances create a situation in which they are often alone, the chance of depression is even more substantial.

Studies have found that depression among senior citizens can be linked to further medical issues. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an average of 15%-20% of older adults are affected by minor depression. The study also shows that poor health can play a role in leading to depression, but is often preventable.

Home Care Means More than Physical Health

Though the main objective of home care solutions is to ensure that all medical requirements are being properly handled, there is another aspect to it as well. At Alliance Senior Care, we strive to integrate aspects of social connection and personal fulfillment into the lives our patients.

In-home care assists in managing and administering medication, providing safety and emergency services, and assisting in hygienic practices. Comprehensive care should also include meaningful and active services, such as transportation and errand assistance, finding entertaining activities, cognitive stimulation and offering genuine companionship.

In-home care solutions offer senior citizens the compassion and attention they deserve so they continue to have friendly and meaningful interactions on a daily basis. Companionship has a strong impact on a person’s overall happiness, and may just be the preventative factor from slipping into depression.

Get Involved with Senior Home Care

If you’re interested in getting involved, there are several organizations that arrange volunteer opportunities to serve as a companion or aid to senior citizens in your community. Ways to help range from something as simple as reading to seniors whose sight is failing, to organizing social activities at senior centers and assisted living facilities.

Opportunities to get involved bring comfort and joy to seniors, by reminding them that their presence is still appreciated. And, not surprisingly, we find that most volunteers receive an equal sense of joy and friendship through these programs.

At Alliance Senior Care, we understand some families have too many obstacles, whether they are time or  distance,, to provide their elderly loved ones with the care and attention they need.

In-home care is a great way to resolve this problem, in turn, helping to prevent those feelings of isolation and depression.

Alliance Senior Care offers a variety of elderly care and senior services. In-Home care can help to ease the burden of caring for your elderly loved ones, and provide them with genuine companionship.

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