Ways for Grandchildren to Bond with Their Grandparents without Face-to-Face Contact

Grandparents have a special connection with their grandchildren. They offer unconditional love, encouragement, and support their dreams. Some grandparents live in the same communities as their grandchildren, so they have the ability to spend more time with each other.

Home Care in Farmington MI: Grandchildren Bonding with Grandparents

Unfortunately, some grandparents don’t get to live near their grandchildren. This means they have to find other ways to bond with each other without face-to-face contact. If you are looking for ways to bond with your grandparent, check out these tips below.

Having Skype / Zoom/ Facetime Calls

Nowadays, people have many more ways to bond with their grandparents than they had years ago. One way is a video call.  This can be done through Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

This program allows you to video chat with your loved ones. A video chat lets you not only talk with one another but also allows you to see each other’s faces and expressions.

A few good things you can do on a video chat include the following:

  • Read a book together while on your video chat
  • Enjoy drinking tea and eating pastries during your chat
  • You can both watch your favorite television show and discuss it together
  • You can be each other’s workout buddy

There are many ways you can bond over a video chat. Use your imagination and make your video chat with your grandparent a memory neither of you will ever forget.

Sending Letters

Many people only think about technology as a means to communicate. However, now is the time to grab your pen and a piece of paper. Write your elderly loved one a special handwritten letter.

Any senior care expert would agree that people of any age get excited about receiving a letter in the mail. Write a letter to tell your grandparents how much you love them, miss them, and talk about what is going on in your life.

They will surely enjoy every single word. In addition, you can send a little surprise with your letter, like a tiny trinket, crazy pen, or little notepad for them to use when they make to-do lists or grocery lists.

Sharing Photographs

Sharing photographs can help grandparents and their grandchildren form a strong emotional bond with one another. It can warm their heart to receive a picture of a loved one. You can share photographs by mail, email, or social media. Ask your grandparents to also send photos back to you. This way you can both get the opportunity to bond through photographs.

According to Grandparents.com, a good way to share photographs is to buy disposable cameras. You can keep one of the disposable cameras for yourself and send one to your grandparent. After you are both done taking photos, send the film in to get developed and share the photos with each other.


If you are looking for ways to bond with your grandparent without face-to-face contact, try some of the suggestions in this article. Both you and grandparent will feel closer than ever.  Our caregivers can help facilitate this process by assisting with these calls and encouraging these activities.

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