Enjoy Columbus Day with your Elderly Loved Ones

Columbus Day is a great time to take a day and spend it with your elderly loved ones. Here are a handful of ways to make some happy memories with the elderly loved ones in your family for Columbus Day

  1. Take them out for a special breakfast around town.
  2. Take advantage of the beautiful outdoors. If there are any walking trails, picnic areas or parks nearby, an afternoon outside would be a nice way to spend some time with your elderly loved ones.
  3. Plan a picnic in Surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a picnic!
  4. Let your kids share a favorite place! Grandma and Grandpa might love to come along to take part, or if that’s too much, simply watch their grandchildren enjoy themselves!
  5. Let grandparents share one of their favorite places around Columbus Day (now known as Indigenous People’s Day)

Perhaps your grandparents have a favorite spot or activity that you haven’t been to before! Let them take you and your kids along to experience what makes it important to them. They’ll love introducing you and the grandkids to their friends and sharing a place that’s special.

  1. Visit a museum together. Museums are a great place to spend a day with Grandma and Grandpa! Here are two great museums that will be open on Grandparents Day:
  2. Say “Hi” to the animals. Grandparents probably love to see animals as much as their grandkids!
  3. Go for ice cream! Who doesn’t love a sweet treat?
  4. Do a fun and unique activity together:

Spend an afternoon at the park. Go to one of those pottery places which allows you to paint your own design on a mug. Find a favorite museum. If you live near a lake try a picnic or a boat ride.


If you are looking for ways to bond with your grandparent without face-to-face contact, try some of the suggestions in this article. Both you and grandparent will feel closer than ever.  Our caregivers can help facilitate this process by assisting with these calls and encouraging these activities.

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