Benefits of Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions with Home Care

An estimated 85% of older adults over the age of 65 have at least one chronic condition while 65% have more than one chronic health condition.

The leading causes of death for older Americans include heart disease, cancer, COVID-19, stroke, respiratory illnesses and Diabetes.

Currently over 90% of our nation’s healthcare expenditures (over $3.8 trillion) are spent of people with chronic conditions.

A recent report commissioned by the National Coalition on Care Coordination supports these findings, citing, “a need for increased home-based, health care services.” Fortunately, with advances in monitoring and telemedicine, complex medical care in the home can match the care delivered in a hospital or other care facility.

Alliance Senior Care offers Specialized Care Home Care which address multiple chronic conditions with customized services to meet your specific circumstances.

We create a partnership with our clients and Specialized Care Services evolve as the needs of our clients evolve.

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Benefits of Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions with Home Care

Here are 8 ways home health care improves the outcomes of those living with MCC:

Home Care is Cost effective

Overall, home health care reduces the cost per client treated by 44% compared with hospital based treatment; the cost to family caregivers is also reduced by 23%.

Home Care Provides Improved Quality of Care

Home care may reduce client incidents, such as risk of fall or medication mismanagement, among other safety issues.

Decreased LTC facility stays

Clients who utilize home care solutions spend, on average, 31% fewer days in acute care hospitals and 28.43% fewer days in a rehabilitation facility.

Home Care Leads to Better Care Transitions

In an in-depth review of 34 studies it was reported that, on average, 27% of client re-admissions were preventable. With home care intervention, hospital readmission within 30 days decreased between 12% – 17%.

Home Care Gives Clients a Sense of Control Over Their Health

Clients using home health care report feeling more “in-control” of their health and better able to manage their conditions because of the intimate one-on-one clinical care they are receiving.

Improvement in Daily Living Activities

In a survey conducted by the Common Wealth Fund, home care clients reported improvement to activities of daily living, such as grooming, dressing, and bathing.

Home Care Provides More One on One Care and Support

Clients, family care givers and their families report more trust for their health care professionals when they are treated in the home.


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Home Care are an excellent resource for family caregivers and seniors alike.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care solutions offer a wide range of services providing healthcare, daily living assistance, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments and tailored care services for additional circumstances.

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