Your aging parent or parents spent many years caring for you, so when the time comes to step in as a caregiver or take on a more active part in your aging parents care, it can be incredibly rewarding to give back and spend time caring for them.

However, becoming a care giver can also be challenging. When elderly parents need more care or face a health challenge, balancing your own family, job, and obligations and care giving responsibilities can be overwhelming. Creating a steady routine can be a good place to start. This way you have a better idea of your schedule and know what needs to be done and when.

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Here are a few other ways to keep things running more smoothly and reduce risk of burnout.

Involve your Elderly Parent in Their Care

You don’t have to feel responsible for everyone and everything. Let your aging parent remain as independent as possible.

Take the time to figure out what they are able to do on their own, and what they need some assistance doing. There may be small changes you can make around their home to enhance their safety and independence.

Talk to them about how you can best support them and whether there are any programs or groups they want to be part of. Even the little things like dropping them off at the rec center or a friend’s house can help them stay active and give you some time to yourself.

Share the Responsibility and Ask for Help

It can be difficult talking to family about caring for your loved one, especially if you have been the primary caregiver for a while. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; sometimes others don’t step up because they are not sure what to do or think you have it handled.

Be open about how others can share the responsibilities, such as driving to or from appointments, making meals, helping with housekeeping or laundry, or simply spending time with your loved one.

Work together to create a schedule that fits your senior’s needs while sharing tasks in a fair and balanced manner. Make sure everyone knows what they are responsible for and communicates with one another if changes need to be made.

Practice Self Care

Don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Make it a point to schedule some activities that you like to do, whether that is lunch with a friend, or some quiet time alone reading a good book.

Make arrangements to have someone else come help care for your aging parent or coordinate respite care so you can unwind and recharge. You are no good to yourself or anyone else if you are burned out.

Partner with a Care Giver, Like Alliance Senior Care

In-home care can provide you and your loved one with valuable support. You can schedule a trained caregiver to come in for a few hours a week or a few hours a day, depending on what your family needs.

What times are most challenging for you to manage? What tasks does your aging parent need extra help with?

From assistance with morning or nighttime routines, meal planning and preparation, and light housekeeping to escorting on errands, making sure medications are taken, and offering companionship, home care solutions can be tailored to meet your senior’s unique needs and preferences.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care solutions specializes in caring for your elderly loved ones. Our re-admission rate is zero.

To get started with Home Care can help improve your loved ones’ quality of life, call Alliance Senior Care at 248-274-2170.  It’s not just Home Care, it is Integrated Care.

Home Care are an excellent resource for family caregivers and seniors alike.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care solutions offer a wide range of services providing healthcare, daily living assistance, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments and tailored care services for additional circumstances.

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