In-Home Specialty Care and the Benefits for Elderly and their Families

Taking care of an elderly loved one with health problems can become very challenging even for the most dedicated person. While aging in place is an increasingly more popular and appreciated choice, if a senior family member or close friend of yours is starting to need more frequent assistance for their elderly family member’s day-to-day activities, then you might want to consider in-home care options.

In-Home Specialty Care with Alliance Senior Care provides tailored services to your elderly loved one. Specialty Care services are meant to provide all of the support your loved one will need to remain at home. Specialty care services provide companion care, personal care, health care and support with everyday activities.

In-Home Care | Alliance Senior Care

Specialty Care also provides tailored care for elderly family members with the following chronic conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • COPD
  • Parkinson’s Care
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Renal Failure
  • Pain Management

Here are 3 reasons why you should opt for this type of care, and why it will benefit both your loved one and the rest of your family.

In-Home Specialty Care is Tailored to Address Chronic Health Conditions at Home

In-Home Specialty Care,  can be as personalized as you need it to be. Whatever your loved one’s specific needs and whatever type and amount of support they require, in-home care programs can adjust to meet their specifications.

For example, one patient may have diabetes and need assistance with taking medication on time as well as assistance with meals and nutrition. Their Specialty Care Plan would include a comprehensive approach to Diabetes and their Nutrition needs.

Having one-on-one care which includes healthcare and support for everyday living activities brings tremendous benefits to your loved one. Your loved one will have a genuine relationship with their caregiver, and will feel safe and comforted.

Specialty Care Fosters Independence

One of the most important benefits of senior home care is the fact that it helps your elderly loved one to retain a certain level of independence. Chronic healthcare conditions can be difficult to manage. In-Home Specialty Care gives support for chronic conditions and enables elderly family members to live at home.

Our healthcare team member will visit them as often as required and provide all the assistance they need. At the same time, your loved one will have the freedom and independence to continue with their daily activities, hobbies, and social life as they please.

Benefits Mental Health and Cognitive Skills

As you know, maintaining good memory skills is  important, particularly across the elderly population, as it can prevent or minimize the onset and severity of illnesses like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Managing Alzheimer’s and Dementia can take a toll on a family and on family caregivers. Balancing the prescriptions, nutritional and mental health aspects is the focus of our Specialty Care Services.

Our Specialty In-Home Care allows your elderly loved one to spend later years in the safety, comfort, and familiarity of their own home is important to maintain a positive health outcome. This has a positive impact on their emotional health, as well as their cognitive skills and memory function.

To get started with In-Home Care can help improve your loved ones’ quality of life, call Alliance Senior Care at 248-274-2170.  It’s not just In-Home Care, it is Integrated Care.

Home Care are an excellent resource for family caregivers and seniors alike.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care services offer a wide range of services providing healthcare, daily living assistance, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments and tailored care services for additional circumstances.

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