Do You Feel Like You are Caring for Your Parents alone?

People underestimate how difficult it is to support an older adult in the aging process. Caring for an aging parent presents a unique set of challenges. A parent may need care with transportation, cooking meals, care with daily living activities, sometimes on a part-time basis, and sometimes on a full-time basis.

While everyone is different here are some of the challenges family caregivers face;

  • As they require increasing assistance, balancing their needs with personal and professional commitments can be overwhelming.
  • Emotional strain may arise from witnessing their physical and mental decline.
  • Financial concerns can surface due to medical expenses and long-term care arrangements.
  • Finding suitable healthcare providers and ensuring their safety becomes a priority. Navigating complex medical systems and making difficult decisions can be daunting.
  • Additionally, maintaining open communication with siblings and other family members is crucial.

Despite the challenges, caring for an aging parent can also bring moments of deep connection and the satisfaction of providing support during their twilight years.

Our Home Care are designed to provide all the support your Aging parent needs to remain at home. In Home Care provide support for your aging parent for all aspects of daily life including;

  • Personal care for daily living activities.
  • Support 4 transportation to and from health care appointments, home safety, care coordination, medical referrals, and Hospice care.
  • Meal and nutrition support including meal preparation and planning.
  • Household support including house cleaning taking out the garbage and light errands.

Alliance Senior Care Assesment

Our integrated Wellness program is designed to improve the overall well-being of your aging parent. Our integrated Wellness program complements our in home care and is often included at no extra expense.

Clients using our Integrated Wellness Program often experience;

  • Less frequent hospitalization rates, lower hospital readmission rates, and improved care outcomes.
  • Reduced medical complications, and better compliance with follow-up care.
  • Early intervention at the first signs of decline, smarter and faster intervention when a situation arises, and sustained independence at home.

Our Geriatric Care Program can provide additional support and care for your aging parents on a one time basis on an as needed basis or as part of their ongoing care.

Care management assists older persons their family members and any elder care professionals in the planning coordination and management of their care across multiple medical and non-medical care providers.

Alliance Senior Care’s Specialty Care Programs are designed for aging parents whose care needs are more specialized. Specialty care includes chronic disease management, Alzheimer’s and dementia care and management, and transitional care services for when you’re Aging parent is transitioning from the hospital being discharged from a rehabilitation center support post operative care.

Remember, it takes a village. Welcome to our village. Alliance Senior Care provides not only all of the non-medical support for your loved ones also referrals and care coordination to guide you through the aging process for your parent/s. Overtime their needs will continue to change and it can be challenging. We’re here to support the families not replace them.

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Home Care are an excellent resource for family caregivers and seniors alike.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care solutions offer a wide range of services providing healthcare, daily living assistance, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments and tailored care services for additional circumstances.

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