Home Care for Better Care Outcomes

Oftentimes we take our loved to the hospital due to a fall, Infections and other condition. Once they receive the care they need they will be discharged from the hospital and will be sent home. This happens even if they are not ready to go home.

Better Care Transitions lead to better outcomes and less hospital re-admissions. Making the transition home from the hospital successfully can make all the difference in quality of life for your elderly loved one.

Home Care for Better Care Transitions for Your Elderly Loved one

Home Care will help your loved one and support your family caregivers. Alliance Senior Care can create a tailored care plan to address chronic health conditions like heart failure, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

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If the senior qualifies for short term rehab, Medicare or their Advantage Plan will cover short term rehab days. Medicare may cover anywhere from 7 to 21 days depending on whether they continue to improve and their insurance provider. After that, there is no coverage through Medicare.

Care Options are as follows:

  • Return Home with Home Care – see article on 3 ways to pay for Home Care
  • Go to a community, assisted living, independent living, memory care or group home. Costs vary and can be a short term or a permanent move
  • If someone does not have resources, Medicaid will pay for them to stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility. Beware, the state will take your personal assets to cover your care, even after your death.
  • Understanding your needs as well as your options is very personal depending on your care needs, support situation and financial situation.

To get started with Home Care can help improve your loved ones’ quality of life, call Alliance Senior Care at 248-274-2170.  It’s not just Home Care, it is Integrated Care.

Home Care are an excellent resource for family caregivers and seniors alike.

Alliance Senior Care Home Care solutions offer a wide range of services providing healthcare, daily living assistance, transportation to and from Doctor’s appointments and tailored care services for additional circumstances.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering hiring a Caregiver in Bloomfield Hills, MI, please contact the caring staff at Alliance Senior Care today.
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