Taking a break as a caregiver is absolutely necessary but it’s hard to do. What really matters is that you make a plan and that you follow through with that plan as well as you possibly can. That might mean that you bring in some extra help and that you power through those feelings that tell you not to take time away.


Caregiver in Novi MI: Take Breaks from Caregiving

Caregiver in Novi MI: Take Breaks from Caregiving


You Need to Seek Balance

The first thing to remember about taking breaks as a caregiver is that this is all about bringing balance to your life. When you’re not taking time for yourself, you’re keeping yourself out of balance. Taking that time for yourself is all about bringing yourself and your energy back into balance. It’s not bad or wrong to take breaks. It’s actually crucial for caregivers to be able to do that.


Actually Make Some Plans

The hard part is probably when you go to actually make some plans. You need to get specific with yourself about when you’re taking this time and what you’re going to do. If you leave these plans vague, it’s going to be a lot easier for you to abandon them. That’s not what you want to start doing to yourself on a regular basis.


Commit to Those Plans

You need to commit to those plans once you make them, too. If you’re not committed, that’s another out you’re giving yourself. This is when you need to start lining up who’s going to cover for you. Hiring elder care providers is one of the easiest ways to get respite care coverage. You know that you can count on elder care providers to be there for your senior and to do what she needs them to do.


Monitor and Adjust

Even the best plans that you’re most committed to end up needing to be changed once in a while. So, it’s important that you’re never canceling plans with yourself. You’re only rescheduling them. Monitor what works about taking time for yourself and what still needs to be adjusted. You can make those changes the next time around and make no mistake about the fact that there will be another time around.

Taking a break as a caregiver isn’t bad or wrong. The more that you remind yourself of that fact, the better. You need to be able to have some time to yourself so that you can recover and be the caregiver that you always want to be.

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