Stop and Breathe Yoga is a good exercise to practice if you want to improve your emotional and physical health.


Caregiver in Royal Oak MI: Emotional Wellness

Caregiver in Royal Oak MI: Emotional Wellness


It’s the deep breathing exercises that are useful during times of stress. A series of deep cleansing breaths helps increase oxygen. These breaths release endorphins that help the body feel calmer. If Yoga isn’t appealing, Tai Chi is another option. Tai Chi is a flowing form of martial art that helps center the body with breathing and gentle movements designed to get the body’s positive energy flowing. YouTube is a good place to start for family senior caregivers who want beginner videos for Tai Chi or Yoga.


Discover “Me Time”

What is “me time?” It’s a phrase some therapists use when helping patients overcome intense stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s time spent completely alone relaxing. It might be an hour locked in a bathroom soaking in a hot tub. It could be a half-hour in an outdoor hammock taking a nap. These moments when one is completely alone are necessary for clearing the mind. It helps ease frustrations and stress and gets a family senior caregiver back to a point where a calm, collected state of mind is achieved and ready to tackle the next tasks.


What Do You Know About Respite Care Services

Respite care is a branch of home care that provides the family senior caregiver with a break. While you run errands or have some time to yourself, a senior caregiver comes in and takes over. You take a break without having to leave your parents alone. If you’re a family senior caregiver and you feel stressed, frustrated, or sad, call a home care agency. Don’t wait until you’re suffering from anxiety attacks or snapping at anyone who comes near. You need to become acquainted with respite care services. Call a home care agency to find out more about respite care in your area.


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